June is another of those big media months, signalling the start of winter and the End of the Financial Year. It’s the time when many are seeking a mid-year break and re-evaluating their finances as they look to tax time.

In short, it’s a month with a wide scope of potential for creating media content. So, let’s ski, skate and shiver right on into the month of June.

June Facts

  •         The flower of June is the rose.
  •         June’s birthstones are pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.
  •         The zodiac signs for June are Gemini (May 21 – June 20) and Cancer (June 21 – July 22).

10 Release Ideas


Winter – Winter content is hot right about now, with the focus extending from fashion to food and winter activities. Topics to consider include winter wardrobes, winter decorating, keeping your house warm affordably in winter, and hearty winter recipes.

Ski season – The ski season officially kicks off this month, offering potential to talk about ski getaways here and in New Zealand. Topics include affordable family ski trips, best destinations, ski clothing and more.

Men’s Health – Mid-June brings us Men’s Health Week. It’s the chance to talk about men’s fitness, health and wellbeing, the importance of regular check-ups and specific issues that are more prevalent in men.

Health general – Mid year is the perfect time to re-evaluate some of those annual health resolutions. It’s the time to take a fresh look at fitness, eating well and the different exercise options available over winter.

Mid-year break – Right about now people are planning their winter escapes. For some that will see them embracing the cold, but for others it will see them seeking out the warm refuge of tropical northern Australian holidays, or overseas adventures. It’s a great time to offer destination ideas or budgeting advice to enable people to afford that welcome getaway.

Tax time – The end of June brings us tax time, making now the right time to talk about last-minute taxation incentives and checklists for individuals.

Housing – As people re-assess their finances and investments, housing affordability and outgoings like mortgages are in the spotlight. It makes mortgage healthchecks, investor advice and budgeting tips timely, along with forecasts about the property market over the financial year to come.

EOFY – June also sees business rapidly approaching the End of Financial Year deadline. Now is the time for tips on simplifying EOFY, tips on meeting obligations, and conducting a business health check.

Health awareness – June is packed full of health awareness days, including Blood Donor Day on June 14, Red Apple Day for bowel cancer on June 21, and Red Nose Day for SIDS on June 24. If your business or service relates to these dates, they provide an opportunity to tell your story.

Social Media Day – June rounds out with Social Media Day on June 30. Tips, ideas and how-to guides for using social media are welcomed, along with safe social media usage and children’s access to social media.

Tip of the month

Know your key dates – Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or End of Financial Year, every business has key dates that offer an opportunity to promote your business, and you should be using these to your advantage. It’s worth taking the time to find and flag these dates and prepare content in advance.

For New Source Plus Media Connections members, a key dates calendar is available on the site. Should you need further assistance or tools to create the perfect release, tools tips and services are available at the Media Connections store.

We look forwards to seeing all your news in the media throughout June.

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