Media Release Ideas 2016 AugustAugust is one of the busiest months on the media calendar. There’s Father’s Day pending and the change of seasons ahead. With spring but a few weeks away there’s a focus on weddings, gardening and events before attention shifts to Christmas in the next couple of months. Here are some helpful hints to join the rush and get your business in the news.

August facts:

  • The birth flowers for August are the gladiolus and the poppy.
  • The birthstones for August are the peridot and the sardonyx.
  • The zodiac signs for August are Leo (July 23 – August 22) and Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

10 Release Ideas:

  1. Father’s Day – August is the month for sending out your Father’s Day releases if you haven’t already. Online publications and the daily features will be looking for:
  • Gift ideas
  • Ways to spoil Dad
  • Craft for the kids to make, and
  • Inspiring Dad stories.
  1. Spring – Spring is only a month away and now is the time to make sure your spring releases and pitches are hitting the news desks. Some spring ideas to consider are:
  • Spring fashion and wardrobe makeovers
  • Getting back into shape this spring
  • Spring cleaning – home, life, work etc
  • Enjoying the outdoors this spring,
  1. Events – Spring is the season of events so now is the time to share the news of your upcoming events and any tips you may have for those hosting/attending events this spring.
  2. Home and living – Spring is also a big season in the home and living worlds, and August is a great month to pitch your products and services for review.
  3. Wedding season – Wedding season is almost upon us and now is the opportunity to share tips for:
  • Spring brides
  • Wedding etiquette
  • Wedding trends
  • Budgeting
  1. Small business – August is small business month in Victoria and a chance to share your small business success or start-up story.
  2. Tradies month – August is National Tradies health month, presenting the opportunity to share tips that encourage tradies to look after themselves, or to focus on products that make the job easier and safer.
  3. Awareness Days – Following on from Tradies Health Month there are also a host of awareness days including: Daffodil day, World Breast Feeding Week etc. If you are participating or fundraising for these days draft a release outlining your contribution.
  4. Book lovers – August is for book lovers with writing festivals, Book Week and the MS Readathon all taking place in August. If you are a writer, now is the time to tie your book in to these events. If you are an educator or work with kids, releases encouraging reading etc. should be well received this month.
  5. Food – On the culinary front, many businesses are changing menus and launching new products for the new season. Share your food stories, recipes and menus with images that make the mouth water. (A picture tells a thousand words).

Tip of the month

A solid media release always takes more time than you think. You need to allow for people to provide quotes, approve drafts, and for all details to be locked in. So be organised and, above all, check the final copy a number of times to ensure key details such as the “what, when, and where” are clearly included.

We look forward to seeing amazing releases from our Media Connections members this August and catching you all in the media.

If you would like tips from me, journos and other PR minds check out resources section of the Media Connections Media Store or grab one of the last copies of the book of PR Tips.

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