Media Release Ideas 2016Wow, I am excited to start our Media Release Ideas series for the 3rd year here at Media Connections. We are looking forward to an amazing year of connecting our members with the Media and helping them share their stories. (If you are not a member you can join us here and share your story too).

This year we will be sharing 10 ideas each month in our release ideas series for you, a tip of the month, and some facts about the month that could be the key to your next release too!

January Facts:

  • The flower symbols of January is snowdrop & carnation.
  • January’s gem is garnet that represents constancy.
  • The zodiac signs for January is Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) and Aquarius (January 20 – February 18).

10 Release Ideas for January:

  1. New Year Career tips – the new year often brings career changes and moves share your advice on staying put, changing jobs or climbing the ladder in 2016.
  1. Valentine’s Day – it’s the day of love if you have tips for the guys or a great product now, is the time to share theses in a release. Tips for singles are also a hot topic at this time of year.
  1. Make Predictions! It is a New Year make predictions about what 2016 will mean for your industry and trends that you think may occur.
  1. Over indulgence often occurs in late December, and January stories around getting your health and budget back on track are great for January too.
  1. Australia Day – the 26th is Australia day themed releases around what it means to be Australian, Aussie Recipes, Traditions and twists on recipes are traditions are all needed at this time of year.
  1. Back to school – the online Media and dailies are looking for the latest products, survival tips for parents and kids as well as the highly sought after lunchbox ideas.
  1. Style Tips for back to work, revamping your wardrobe and the school gate.
  1. Weekend jobs and tips for DIY around the home – summer is the time of odd jobs do you have products or tips you can promote?
  1. Getting organised – the new year brings out the organisation bug and tips on how to tidy, clean and get organised are often well received by the media!
  1. January is also the month when we see school leavers moving out of the home and heading off to uni. For many families, this can be an emotionally stressful time can you help with some tips.

Tip of the month:

If this is your “slow” time of year start writing an article bank that you can submit when the call outs happen.

Looking forward to seeing amazing releases from you all this January and seeing you pop up in the media.

If you would like to plan 2016 with tips from myself, journos and other PR minds check out the PR Media and Marketing Companion in the media store. It also has the tools and template you need to plan and write your releases.

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