Welcome to 2017 and what should be a big year for all ahead. This marks Media Connections’ fourth year providing you with insights and prompts to raise your profile in the media, and we’re excited to focus on fresh topics and opportunities.

This year we will be sharing 10 ideas each month in both written and recorded format to make it even easier to get across what the media is looking for, and we’re kicking off the year embracing the resolution this month!

Traditionally a fairly quiet time in the media, January is all about resolutions and predictions as we look forward to a year ahead, so here are our 10 ideas for January 2017…

January Facts:

  • The flower symbols of January are the snowdrop and carnation.
  • January’s gem is garnet that represents constancy.
  • The zodiac signs for January is Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) and Aquarius (January 20 – February 18).

10 Release Ideas for January:

  1. Predictions – What are the trends and innovations set to change your industry this year. Now is the time to gaze through the crystal ball and highlight what’s likely to happen in your field.
  2. Resolutions – We all did it…at midnight on December 31 we resolved to do better in various areas of our lives. Resolutions span a number of fields from less screen time for the kids to healthier eating and more exercise, so embrace the area that suits your field and assist people with tips and advice to help them achieve their goals in 2017.
  3. Career – The New Year brings the opportunity to reflect on career choices and possible changes. What tips and advice do you have for people considering climbing the career ladder or making a career shift?
  4. Fashion – Whether it’s fashion in the workplace, a new haircut or just tips on clearing out and restyling your wardrobe, what trends should people be looking for in fashion in 2017.
  5. Diet – With Christmas came the inevitable overindulgence with a lapse in good eating habits and exercise. This is a great opportunity to outline how to get back on the good health track and stick to it.
  6. Finances – Just as the hip line took a hit over the festive season, so too did the hip pocket. What can people do this year to improve their finances, reduce debt and devise a proper budget?
  7. Valentine’s Day – It may feel like you can step away from the calendar and kick back for a while, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you have tips, products, services or venues relevant to romance, now is the time to start getting your message out.
  8. Australia Day – January 26 is, of course, Australia Day. With a focus on the beach, the barbecue and the history of Australia, what tips or information can you share about our national identity and how to celebrate?
  9. Back to school – With January underway the countdown to school begins. From healthy lunchbox ideas, to sourcing stationery and handling the first day of school, how can you help families get through this event?
  10. University – It’s not just the littlies enjoying their first day at educational institutions, now is the time school leavers are preparing to shift out of home and head to university. Relevant checklists, tips and budget advice are always welcome for this milestone event.

Tip of the month:

Get ahead of the game – January presents the perfect opportunity to plan out your media strategy for the year, noting what dates will be relevant to you and jotting down release ideas that you can cover. 

To assist we have a host of further resources available at our media store, or peruse our calendar for some hints about the big dates that may affect you.

We look forward to seeing all our members crop up in the media this year.



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