Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced another five-day Stage 4 lockdown from Friday 12th Feb 11:59 pm after UK String cases were found in a city airport hotel. 24,000+ Victorians were tested, and with 19 active COVID-19 cases, the state with around 5 million people remained closed for the next five days except for the permitted essential services.

“These restrictions are all about making sure that we respond appropriately to the fast-moving, the most infectious strain of the coronavirus that we have seen” he added.

But the main question is why are we lacking a strong “Contact Tracing Tool?” We see people entering false information every day in the Government’s Visitor Management software and move freely without entering their correct details. Thousands of dollars literally in waste to build a visitor management system that does not get accurate information, cannot verify any details and cannot track an individual.

Not just money but the Government’s contact tracing tool lacks to trace a highly contagious disease that has seen 800 people die in the state of Victoria. If the Government can trace the contact, they can cut down the spread effectively instead of putting the whole state in house-arrest.

“It is Common Sense and everyone needs to do their part” Daniel Andrews mentioned but the fact that 12% of Victorians do not intend to get their number recorded is a serious matter.

The Government is unable to impose or design a working module or to embrace what is there for FREE to use and to SERVE the country. Lockdown isn’t an effective solution; the government should protect the community in an efficient manner and make sure that the vulnerable are traced down immediately.

There is where i-Pay Australia’s Contact Tracing Tool is way more effective than the Governments’ With OTP-based verification, i-Pay Australia verifies an individual’s contact number and is the perfect solution for businesses to get accurate information. With the help of the contact details, the Government can easily track a potential positive case and minimise the possible chances of affecting other people.

Instead of putting 5 million people in lockdown, the Government can smartly trace the positive case and lay restrictions on that area’s movement only. i-Pay Australia is helping businesses to comply with the city rules, and it is completely FREE to use for merchants. The merchant doesn’t have to pay a penny for their Visitor Management tool, and it is the correct way of tracing an individual.  

Supermarkets, Hospitalities, and other Public Places where people’s flow is comparatively more, this tool is the exact solution for such businesses. You can sign up as a Merchant and Get your Customised Contact Tracing QR-Poster for FREE.

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