As 2020 draws to a close, it will likely go down as one of the toughest that Australian businesses have navigated. But according to business strategist Clive Enever, this year has also provided business operators with valuable skills and insight.

Mr Enever noted across almost all sectors, Covid-19 had forced business operators to quickly innovate and adapt, while leaders had tapped into new skills to assist both their staff and clientele.

“When we started 2020, a worldwide pandemic was the last thing we could have envisaged, but as Australian businesses now start emerging out the other side, there are five important takeaways that will inevitably strengthen them into the future,” Mr Enever said.

Breaking them down, they include:


“The best leaders were quick to realise the implications of Covid-19 for their staff, their customers, and their business,” Mr Enever said.

“They proactively implemented procedures that would allow staff to work from home, embraced systems that would service their clients, and ramped up communication with staff and customers.

“The best leaders kept the big picture in sight, while trimming the bottom line and removing unnecessary expenditure like subscriptions or outsourcing tasks.”


“While some businesses thrived due to unprecedented demand for their products and services, others were forced to pivot and adapt,” Mr Enever continued.

“Real estate agents harnessed technology like online auctions, cafes ramped up takeaways and even offered frozen meals.

“Necessity absolutely proved the mother of invention and there were some excellent success business stories where operators managed to not just keep the doors open but do well as a result.”


“Any crisis requires good communication and we saw lots of business operators really come to the table with effective social media or direct contact with their customers,” Mr Enever said.

“This communication established a two-way relationship where clientele became emotionally invested in a business and its welfare, and that proved invaluable in many instances.”


“A standout feature throughout Covid-19 was the service that business operators provided to their communities and clientele,” Mr Enever noted.

“Often business operators were acting as advisors to customers rather than just selling products or services, in the knowledge this was a time to step up and serve.”


“Between great service and stellar communication, business operators engendered real loyalty in their customers,” Mr Enever said.

“In many cases, there was a sense of coming together where patrons went above and beyond to support business while it was struggling.

“That type of relationship cannot be bought, but was evident across so many communities.”

Looking to the future, Mr Enever said business operators now had a unique opportunity to build on the solid foundation they had established during a turbulent year.

“The year 2020 has been far from easy, but now these resilient businesses are more streamlined, have established great communication, harness the power of service and loyalty, and can forge ahead in the year to come.”

Mr Enever will be looking to assist these businesses with their planning and goal setting via a Business Kickstart 2021 that will be held in November, and he noted now was the time to consolidate on the hard work and lessons learned during 2020.

The event will include goal setting, the establishment of KPIs, along with marketing and branding tips from PR and marketing strategist, Linda Reed-Enever

“There are brighter times and new opportunities ahead, and I’m looking forward to working with business owners to dive into what worked and what didn’t during the past 12 months and assist them with where they need to go from here,” Mr Enever concluded.




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