An army of business owners in the Business Business Business community might have gone unnoticed in the past weeks, but it is not because they have stopped or become frozen. Instead, they have been busy supporting each other and navigating the changing landscape of business in the era of Covid-19.

In 2014, Linda Reed-Enever and Clive Enever launched Business Business Business – a Facebook group for business owners to connect, network and learn from one another. What evolved was an engaged community of thousands, which eventually became more than just a social media group, it became a trusted resource and community that business owners rely upon daily.

On March 13, when the impacts of Covid-19 started to impact enterprise, this 30,000 strong community got down to business, leading the way with support to navigate the changes they were about to face.

“Leadership comes with a responsibility to lead in the good times and bad,” Linda says. “As community leaders that is what the team, Clive and I have been doing.”

The Business Business Business team has been working around the clock for the past month delivering resources and knowledge to business owners.

For business owners, March 13 was the day the reality of Covid-19 really started to hit home, with the cancellation of the Melbourne Grand Prix and other events. In the days afterwards, business owners faced uncertainty and closures and it was the Business Business Business community that led the way.

Over the weekend of March 15, Clive and Linda worked tirelessly administering the community and coming up with a plan to help their members remain focused over that time.

On March 16, the business week started with Clive running three information sessions for the community to help them navigate the change that was about to occur. 

On Friday Linda brought together 11 experts from around the world to share their tips on running events and workshops virtually as venues closed and events were forced to cancel or move online.

In that same week, Linda announced the Small Business Check-In Sessions she has successfully run since March 23 as a way for business owners to connect and break the isolation and frustration they face.

The duo also then ran the Navigating Business Summit led by Clive with 11 expert sessions over three days to help the community navigate the challenges they were encountering.

“It was important to us that while their businesses were forced into hiatus, operators had access to tools, plans and resources that would help set them up for the comeback,” Clive explains.

Business Business Business is an information hub for Business owners where they can Connect, Learn, Network and Do with resources, tools, courses, tips and a community for business owners all in the one place.

The community is run for business owners, by business owners who understand the business journey.

The network sees members support and encourage each other to achieve their business goals, from recommending services to offering words of wisdom and drawing upon experiences to help others navigate the business world. 

It is the feedback that members have been giving that is a true testament to the community that Linda and Clive have created. 

It  has taken away the isolation of running a business as comments from members in a recent post show:

“It was awesome to be able to check in when I could over the past month. Really appreciate all your efforts Linda Reed-Enever,”  says Joanne Livingstone.  

“It’s a reason to get up and get dressed at a reasonable time in the morning!” add’s Dawn Lewis.

“The April sessions have been fantastic, can’t wait for May, I totally had to set an alarm to get there on time (school holidays meant sleeping in but I stopped to make the sessions),” says Louise Raadgever

“This is a GR8 “check up from the neck up”, just what I need in the morning,” comments Uwe Jacobs

So while not shouting from the rooftops, the team and community at Business Business Business have been doing what they do best, supporting each other through the business journey. Led by their passionate leaders Linda Reed-Enever and Clive Enever (who, although you wouldn’t know it, also had to navigate change of their own during this journey) they have risen to the challenge of an unprecedented global event.

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