Many people experienced a bad year last year due to COVID-19, bushfires, and other events, people lost their jobs, relationships and even their homes. It leaves a lot of the community looking for a better 2021.

Start 2021 on the right foot by using the power of attraction by planning and putting into action some simple tips that will ensure your year is filled with health, wealth, prosperity, and good luck.

Attraction and manifestation specialist Iris Du says “with Chinese New Year starting on February 12th, you still have time to plan attracting abundance in 2021 and taking steps to avoid starting 2021 on bad footing.

Iris is a Self-discovery and leadership coach that has had passion for the power of attraction since she was a child. It has been her journey as a coach that has taught her the power of her heritage, Feng Shui and the laws of attraction.

Iris shares with us 5 simple steps, you can attract abundance and avoid another unlucky year. And they are all things we can do to tap into the power of the Chinese New Year ahead.


Reflecting back on the previous year’s highs and lows is a good way to have a clear intention to focus on what you want for yourself this year.

Here are some reflective questions that you can ask yourself and gain more clarity on what you want and don’t want:

  • What have you achieved or done so well of in 2020?
  • What haven’t you been able to achieve in 2020 and why?
  • What would you like to let go of or doesn’t serve you anymore from 2020?
  • What would you like to achieve in 2021?

A key tip: If you don’t know what you want for 2021 yet, ask yourself what you wouldn’t want and focus on the opposite to narrow down your desires for the new year.


Creating your vision board can really help you in bringing your dreams and goals to life.

Search for or create words, images, and designs that spark your true joy and those will make it to your vision board. Make your vision board sacred to you.

Place the vision board where you can see it every day. This will inspire and act as your daily visual reminder of what you are wanting to achieve.

Create your vision board before planning your action steps and let your imagination go wild.

A key tip: Create your vision board with others – it is so much fun letting your imagination run wild together!


Once you’ve got your items on your vision board, it is time to break down those “sky-high” level goals into some easy, actionable steps.

The more detailed you break it down, the easier your steps will become. This allows you to achieve your goals faster.

A key tip: It is important at this stage that you don’t overwhelm yourself by having too many goals.


  • S- Are you goals specific, clear and defined?
  • M- How will you track and measure your progress?
  • A- Is your goal realistic and achievable?
  • R- Does you goals align to your values and relevant for your long-term objectives?
  • T- How much time will you need to achieve this goal?


Life gets in the way. To avoid procrastination, it is important to set time aside to take action.

Open up your Calendar and schedule in set days or milestone dates. Block them out in your calendar or have them printed on your wall.

Achieving any success requires discipline and consistency.

So, review your goals monthly to see if you are on track and be open to change your tactics if needed.

When your desires are greater than your fear, you will be inspired to achieve your goals.

A key tip: Get an “accountability buddy”. It can often help with the progress.


We want to celebrate and appreciate all the WINs and FAILUREs we have.

You might be thinking why would you celebrate a failure?

Because without mistakes, we can’t grow and without victory, we don’t get momentum.

Set monthly reviews and make sure to celebrate every win, even if they are tiny and share this with someone.

A key tip: Anytime you get stuck, go back to the SMART goal method again.


  • Declutter and clean your house or office before Chinese New Year. Clearing those dust bunnies and old clothes open the way for new opportunities.
  • Catch up with your family and friends and be surrounded by your loved ones. Share your positivity and magnify abundance with others.
  • Wear bright and happy colour clothing. Uplift your mood and bring in good fortune to symbolize joy, strength, love and wealth.
  • Leave your windows and doors open to allow the positivity to flow through your home/office. Usher out the stagnant energy and allow the flow of positive energy in for a promising new year with a fresh beginning.
  • Place a bowl of fresh oranges or mandarins in your living or dining room to attract wealth. These fruits represent the Sun which will bring happiness, prosperity and good luck while being an auspicious symbol of togetherness and harmony.

With these steps and your commitment, you’re on your way to attract abundance of wealth, success, good health, prosperity and opportunities this Chinese New Year and throughout 2021.


For further information or to arrange an interview,
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About Iris Du

From a high school dropout to now a Co-Founder and Self- Discovery Coach at two award winning companies; Careerists and TalenTank, the editor-in-chief of Your Career Magazine, an upcoming author and a Monash Business School mentor.

With 18 leadership experience, she has inspired and guided over hundreds of professionals to become better leaders.

With a background as a Master NLP Practitioner, Human Behaviour Expert, Chinese Metaphysics Enthusiast and a Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist, Iris empowers professionals to discover their values and passion, helping them to leverage their natural talent to create highly engaged and high performing teams for themselves and others within any organisation online and offline.

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