The statistics don’t lie.  Road deaths and trauma are dramatically on the increase. The latest statistics reveal Victoria’s road toll for under 30’s is up over 400 per cent, making now the time to take a stand.

Road trauma has also made a significant rise from 5,996 back in 13-14 up to 7,861 last financial year.  That’s a lot of people that no one ever hears about.

We hear news stories daily that they’re serious but stable, but stable can mean many months and in some cases years of physiotherapy and rebuilding their lives.

In some cases, Acquired Brain Injuries and disablement stopping victims getting back to normal lives ever again.

Ms Bruce is the founder of Drive Skills 4 Life, an organisation that supports road trauma victims and assists in helping them get back on the road, sometimes having to alter how they drive.  Ms Bruce sees road trauma victims regularly and hears the horror stories of what happens beyond the serious but stable news report.

We need to ask ourselves, why does the road toll and trauma continue to happen?  What can we do to reduce it?

This holiday season let’s make a concerted effort to take our time getting to our destinations.  Disregard the clock.  Ways this can happen are:

  • Take regular breaks along the journey
  • Have your favourite tunes organised on your devices to keep you listening and Bluetooth your devices to avoid distractions
  • Pack snacks if you don’t find a rest reviver site – this ensures keeping stomach rumbles at bay
  • Play car games. Get the kids to keep a chart of all the different colour cars they see
  • Share the driving. One person does not need to do all the driving.
  • If you’re towing trailers or vans, ensure all your lights are working.
  • Encourage any learners ready for freeway driving to do some time (ensure supervising driver is alert at all times)
  • Don’t speed or tailgate
  • Check your tyre pressures before heading out
  • Ensure wiper washer bottle is full
  • Car is serviced and roadworthy
  • Enjoy an alcoholic beverage when you know you won’t be behind the wheel
  • And lastly, leave yourself plenty of time to get there!

Ms Bruce has seen the impact of road trauma first hand through losing a friend many years ago and the driver coming away with injuries that will last a lifetime.

Ms Bruce also supports road trauma victim through retraining and one of her clients Marianne quotes “my car accident was a moment in time that I can never change, through the fault of someone else and will now impact my family and I for the remainder of my days”.

Let’s give ourselves the gift of time this Summer season to reach our destinations safely so we can have fun in the sun and share the joy with our loved ones.



Sarah Bruce can be contacted on 0422 765 843 or via email at for a discussion, quote or interview.


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