This Summer has been a catastrophic Summer for bush fires and one of the hardest hit communities was Gippsland, Victoria.

Green Hip Workwear has over 30 stockists with some of those stores located in these hard hit regions. Green Hip is donating work pants to women of these regions to help support them while they re-build their lives.

The CEO of Green Hip, Liv Thwaites, grew up on a farm in the bush and she vividly remembers Ash Wednesday and having to evacuate from her family farm located in the Otways, Victoria.

‘I was only 5 years old but I remember it like it was yesterday. Smoke was everywhere and we had to put woollen jumpers on before we got in the car to drive to the local community oval. We were just lucky that the wind changed and our farm was saved and we were safe. Dad was volunteering for the CFA so he was fighting the fire that was heading our way and mum had to make the tough decision to leave the farm with her 3 children. It was scary.’

In Victoria, 47 people died on the 16th February 1983 and The Ash Wednesday fires burnt 1,620 homes, 150,000 hectares and thousands of livestock were lost. (Data from Australian Institute for Disaster Relief).

The Australian community is coming together through this disaster and people need some good to help raise them through these tough times. Green Hip recognises that clothing is the outward expression of a person’s sense of worth and provides design and style which complements a woman’s self expression. Green Hip allows women to work in comfort and style, in a tailor made fit for all women in the workforce and Green Hip wants to share this with women who are finding it tough.

The donation has been made to the local workwear store in Bairnsdale, The SWF Group, and until stock runs out all women who walk through the doors will have the opportunity to keep a pair of Green Hip trousers.

‘This is a small gesture from Green Hip but we recognise that while families are re-building their lives, homes and gardens, they will spend a lot of time in their work clothing.  It’s a sad time but resilience will shine through.’

Green Hip offers a range of Pants, Shorts, Shirts and hats and it’s versatility means women can wear their gear from work to weekends.

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