Central Coast podcaster Dawn Lewis lends her voice to an original story by Australian mum Eszther Perenyi, explaining COVID-19 for young children.

  • Cyrus The Virus is a story written & illustrated by Eszther Perenyi for her son Oscar.
  • The story gained a lot of attention on The Kindness Pandemic group on Facebook, with thousands of downloads, comments and shares.
  • Podcaster & YouTuber Dawn Lewis worked with the author to turn the story into a video so it can be accessed by those with vision and hearing impairments.
  • The video is less than 3 minutes.

When Dawn Lewis saw this story shared in The Kindness Pandemic group on Facebook by the author’s husband, she offered to lend her voice to the story so that people with visual impairment could also access it.

After chatting with Eszther by phone, Dawn recorded the story in her home studio. She also created a video using Eszther’s artwork, and turned it into a video for YouTube. The video can be viewed and listened to for free on Eszther’s YouTube channel, making it easy to share, and easy to see or hear for those with visual or hearing impairments.


Dawn’s calm Australian voice brings this sweet story written by an Aussie mum to life, helping young children understand the changes that COVID-19 is creating in their homes.

Young children are picking up on the anxiety around changes caused by COVID-19. Eszther wrote the story to help her son, Oscar, understand and process these changes. Eszther’s fun rhyming words with sweet illustrations and Dawn’s soothing voice combine to create a calm and easy to understand story for little ones.


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Dawn Lewis is a podcaster, professional crafter and former TV Show Host. Her online business, Dawn Lewis Imagery, sells craft supplies, and she works from her home studio on the NSW Central Coast. As part of her business, Dawn produces videos for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, showcasing fun craft techniques and products. She also does occasional voice over work.

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