McNeall Plastics, industry leader of Australian made engineering plastics for the past 50 years, has enhanced its production facilities and is now the ONLY company in Australia that has the capability and capacity to pour large and complex Nylon products up to a size of 3000mm x 3000mm.

Whether it be plate, tube, bar or completely custom part, McNeall Plastics is unrestrained by size or design constraints and their experienced and knowledgeable engineers can design, engineer and manufacture custom cast parts, according to business needs.

Josh Budd, Managing Director of McNeall Plastics says, “The COVID-19 pandemic, and the resultant disruption to supply chains motivated us to reflect on how we can best serve our customers. We wanted them to be confident that they could operate in a “business as usual” mode, regardless of the ever-changing market around them.”

He elaborates; “Whilst we have always manufactured at our NSW headquarters, our decision to upgrade our production facilities and invest in advanced technology such as a CNC machine, has enabled us to further enhance our volume capabilities and deliver consistently high precision machined and milled components at competitive prices, with reliable supply and quick turnaround times.”

As an Australian-owned business the fact that McNeall Plastics manufactures custom cast components and more within Australia is a game-changer for organisations. No longer at the mercy of overseas suppliers and struggling supply chains, with McNeall Plastics they can be assured of no interruption to workflow due to supply delays.

“As an Australian manufacturer, we can guarantee reliable supply and a quick turnaround time, alongside timely and responsive service. Customers can be sure they will receive their order, on time, every time,” says Josh.

Alongside the benefits of buying Australian-made products, are the service benefits of working with an Australian-owned business such as McNeall Plastics.

Josh explains; “Not only do our customers benefit from home-grown expertise and industry knowledge but here at McNeall Plastics, we have a long-term vested interest in knowing how to best serve our customers. We’re here from start to finish. From concept to delivery – and beyond. We’re here for the long-term relationship, not just a quick sale. With us, customers can be confident in the knowledge that we’ll be here when they need us.”


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