The revolution has finally arrived.

After much anticipation, the definitive book about Australian politics is here.

It is not another political biography. There is no other book like it.

Australian Revolution is a provocative and confronting story, which explores the possibilities for change with a bold and determined leader.

This book arrives at a time when Australian politics is broken.

For too long Australians have been seriously let down by their political leaders.

The time for serious reform has arrived. In fact, it is long overdue.

When conceptualising the idea for the book, author Mark J. Smith said,

“Every part of our lives is suffering from disruption. It is time that government in Australia was subject to major disruption.”

“I wanted to create an original a story around the possibility of abolishing state governments.”

“A believable story may encourage political leaders and Australians to at least contemplate what life could be like without state government.”

“I would like this to be enjoyed by people outside of the traditional political commentariat.”

Despite avenues to major publishers being blocked Mr Smith was determined for this story to be heard.

“If this story can achieve public traction it will make vested interests very nervous.”

“State Secretaries will probably like to see this book banned.”

When asked about the characters Mr Smith commented,

“The main character Prime Minister Jane Carrington is complex. She is a cunning lateral thinker.”

“She represents the kind of leader I think many Australians would like to have in the Lodge. Someone with the courage to take charge.”

“Fortune favours the brave. She pounces on an opportunity to turn her political fortunes around and positions herself to benefit from events and scandals.”

“The proposed reality in the story is that the services and public servants of state government aren’t abolished at all. They are just reallocated. It is a simple idea, but very complicated to implement.”

“It is just the state politicians and a few senior bureaucrats who are at risk of termination.”

“Carrington is willing to take the risk of Lord Mayors becoming “War Lord” mayors, empowering Local Government with more responsibility.”

“The chance that they may do a worse job than state government is one that the community and the Prime Minister are willing to take.”

“Carrington may well be our best Prime Minister and may also become Australia’s last. It is a shame she isn’t real.”


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Australian Revolution is a remarkable original story about reform and political achievement by Mark J. Smith.

It serves as a demonstration of what can be done by a determined leader in the Australian political quagmire.






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