While many purchase wine for pure drinking pleasure, a growing population of Australians are motivated to buy bottles of wine to make the world better. Australians are contributing to social causes, communities and the environment through increasingly ethical purchases of consumable products.

Goodwill Wine was founded on the principle of giving back for the good of society, with 50% of all profits from online wine sales donated to charities and not for profits that contribute to the good of the world.

When Founder and CEO David Laity lost everything in Victoria’s 2009 Black Saturday fires he was overwhelmed by the support and inspired to ‘pay it forward’ when he got back in his feet.

With $15,000 Red Cross Bush fire recovery assistance, David established an online wine shop with a social conscience to contribute directly to charities while supporting Australian boutique wineries. From supporting animal conservation and medical research to youth empowerment programs and Asylum Seeker Resource Centres, today Goodwill Wine partners with 150 charities, donating 50% of all profits.

Over $285,000 has been raised and donated to over 300 Australian charities with wine buyers nominating a charity of their choice when shopping online. Donations have funded over 20,000 meals for people living in poverty. The giving doesn’t stop there, Goodwill Wine is now a certified social enterprise employing staff who have been long term unemployed or are living with a disability. Its wines are also 100% vegan-friendly.

Laity is quick to tackle to the misconception that charity wines aren’t drinkable.

“Just because we’re doing good, doesn’t have to mean our wine is no good. We’re sharing seriously wonderful wines, from end of runs to limited edition vintages that are sold out quickly. The quality of the wines is as uplifting as the support of charities in need.”

The social enterprise sources wines from reputable winemakers, single-vineyard operations and boutique cellar doors across the Yarra Valley, Macedon Ranges, Central Victoria, Margaret River and Coonawarra delivering full flavours while making heart-warming contributions.

All stock is as vegan-friendly and can be purchased in six and 12 bottle cases at a significantly lower price, in some instances 40 – 50% off retail price. The organisation gives back to the green cause by reducing carbon emissions with energy-efficient distribution Greenfleet, while minimising landfill with de-commissioned warehouse equipment, and using 100% recycled cartons.

With a loyal customer base, the online wine shop takes a fun-loving step towards fundraising with

feel-good stylish wine labels sharing uplifting messages like “Love Your Work,” “You’re Freaking Awesome”, “The World Needs More of You” and “If Only You Were Prime Minister”.

The social enterprise is committed to celebrating the motivation of its customers and urges others to rethink how they buy wine.

“Every time you buy wine somewhere else, you lose an opportunity to help animals, people and the environment,” says Laity.

“Goodwill Wine makes that drop you are about to consume last longer by helping charities continue to do great work.”

Drinking wine can change the world – affordable and online at Goodwill Wine https://goodwillwine.com.au

Goodwill Wine feel-good facts:

  • Established in 2009 with $15,000 Red Cross Bush fire recovery assistance
  • Goodwill Wine partners with charities and not for profit organisations to donate 50% of its sales to help them continue their great work.
  • A Certified Social Enterprise, it’s independently audited and donations to charities verified.
  • They stand by their values of making a difference to the lives of others. 75% of their workforce are either long term unemployed or NDIS clients.
  • They source quality wine from source boutique vineyards across Australia.
  • Goodwill Wine has donated to make the following possible:
  • Purchased fire-fighting equipment, hi-vis wet weather gear and defibrillators for volunteer fire brigades.
  • Funded three International Animal Cruelty Investigations for Animals Australia.
  • Provided more than 20,000 hot meals for people seeking asylum in Australia.
  • Played a role in introducing a plastic bag ban in Queensland.
  • Helped re-home 47 orangutans.
  • De-sexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and re-homed 85 dogs and 142 cats.
  • Saved 9 Whales for Sea Shepherd by paying for fuel for their Southern Ocean campaigns

For detailed media information, media photo opportunities and interviews with David Laity please contact:  Andrea Rowe I M 0409 965 552 I E andrea@andrearowe.com.au

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