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Fun card deck helps businesses Inspire Engage and Connect with their social media audience

Ideas strategist Linda Reed-Enever has done it again with a new ideas deck to assist business owners looking to up their social media ante 

Known as the Inspire Engage Connect – Social Media Inspiration Deck, it takes the form of a card deck which prompts business owners to take easy yet effective social media action

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2020 hindsight – Business strategist Clive Enever discusses the five key business takeaways from the year of Covid-19

As 2020 draws to a close, it will likely go down as one of the toughest that Australian businesses have navigated. But according to business strategist Clive Enever, this year has also provided business operators with valuable skills and insight.

Mr Enever noted across almost all sectors, Covid-19 had forced business operators to quickly innovate and adapt, while leaders had tapped into new skills to assist both their staff and clientele.

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Business Wisdom cards offer a ‘business coach in your pocket’

Business strategist Clive Enever has launched a new tool to help business owners crystalise their thinking and stay focused on the important tasks that occur behind the scenes of business.

Comprising 50 actionable tasks in the form of a deck of cards,  the Business Wisdom card deck is designed to keep business owners focused, on track, and mentally invested in their business.

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PR strategist Linda Reed-Enever reveals all the industry tips in new book

PR and Marketing guru Linda Reed-Enever is lifting the veil on the public relations world, sharing all her best tips and insight when it comes to creating successful public relations strategies for business.

‘My Book of PR Tips’ covers all the essential areas of public relations for individuals and organisations who are looking to tap into the power of the media.

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Diagnosed with leukaemia at age 13, Tegan has lived and breathed the loneliness and isolation that comes with being diagnosed with a childhood cancer. Determined to bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of children who are battling cancer or have a loved one with cancer, she is launching her range of inclusive dolls to show each and every child that they are not alone in their journey.

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