Author: Linda Reed-Enever

Finding Big News Within Your Business Day

Public relations is about telling your story – not just once but time and again, at the right moment in the right place to the right people. It’s about creating and seizing opportunity in a brave new world where the lines between hard news, social media and advertising blur. Your chances of finding that PR angle is often closer than you think.

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News Angles and Media Tips, you can tap into for March 2020

March brings us the beginning of Autumn, making seasonal content timely. It also sees many people beginning to prepare for Easter on April 12 and the upcoming holidays.
In the interim, a host of awareness days occur in March including International Women’s Day, while the entire month features a focus on women’s history, foster care and epilepsy.
In fact March sees things really begin to ramp up on the media calendar.

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News Angles and Media Tips, you can tap into for February 2020

Renowned as the month of love, February sees business begin to gear up for the year ahead. This is the perfect month to offer business tips, forecasts and educational content, while also considering the fact that the end of summer is nigh.

Meanwhile, households are getting back into the swing of the school year, finances and routine, making this a great time for a wealth of tips and hacks.

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News Angles and Media Tips you can tap into for January 2020

Welcome to 2020 and a bright new year of media opportunity ahead. The first month of the year tends to start quietly in as news outlets give their staff a well-earned break.

On the flipside, that means right about now the media is actively seeking interesting stories, many of which involve predictions for the year ahead or happy human interest fillers.

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News Angles and Media Tips you can tap into for December 2019

December starts with a flurry of activity but ends on a relatively quiet note as the media and business wind down for Christmas.

The latter half of December is a great time to present human interest stories, make predictions for the next year and jump aboard the Christmas trend as the media scrounges around for stories at this time of year.

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News Angles and Media Tips you can tap into for September 2019

When it comes to busy media months of the year, September ranks high on the list. This month sees a focus on spring as attention also begins to turn to upcoming events like Halloween and Christmas.

In between, there are also a wealth of awareness days while the general news cycle is in full swing. 

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News Angles and Media Tips you can tap into for August 2019

This month sees us emerge from the doldrums of winter as just a sneak peek of spring creeps through. That makes spring content very timely, along with topics that speak to the future like career advice, study and health.

In the interim, business and politics are in full swing and the property market is readying to heat up for the tradition that is spring selling season.

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Working with Journalists

Journalists are the key to having your story conveyed. To successfully work with the media, we need to understand that journalists live in an ever-changing world of deadlines and demands which can all alter in an instant. What was destined to lead the front page in the morning may have changed numerous times by noon as events occur and announcements are made.

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An Introduction to The Media and PR

Traditional media is the print, TV and radio; from your daily news to your monthly magazines and news features.The digital era has seen the media grow, diversify and morph into the online world. Online media means that the news is now more social. The reach is wider and your audience is more accessible than ever. Public Relations is all about relating your business to the public: telling your story, building your brand and sharing your message in a way that the media and general population will relate to you and bond to and recognise your brand.

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