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Property Expert Uwe Jacobs – Your Friend in Property Investing is Available for Interview

Since 2003 Uwe Jacobs, the founding director of Property Friends AND author of the book “The 7 Secrets of Highly Successful Property Investors”, has assisted over 330 clients with property investments according to a highly successful, tried and tested methodology.
With 76% return clients, the Property Friends System has over and over been proven to be low risk.
There are a number of topics that Uwe is readily available to speak on

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Why The Interest Rate Rollercoaster?

Each month we wait and hear if the Reserve Bank will increase or decrease interest rates. While a lot is written on the effects of a rise or fall, the reasons behind rate movements are rarely discussed.

Setting interest rates is a complex process and to describe all elements of influence would take pages…and leave you in a spin. Here’s a brief summary of some key factors that should help you to understand why interest rates are increased or decreased.

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