1110-081_N009_WEB_2x3_C1Pam Macdonald is the Director of Broadspring Consulting and the creator of the STRONG leadership model.

Pam is a HR strategist and people performance expert who has worked with hundreds of leaders to improve the way they lead themselves and their teams.

Through her coaching and consulting work Pam is dedicated to helping people be the best they can be at work and making workplaces better places to be.

About Pam

Having a unique combination of executive HR roles, change management expertise and practical line management experience Pam is highly sought after as an expert advisor and workshop facilitator.

Her career has taken her through both public and private sectors, in utilities, banking, financial services and professional services and covers a number of blue chip companies.
Pam always brings loads of energy and passion to her work, and also to her hobbies of hiking and motorcycling.

“Traditionally companies promote people on the basis of what they are good at – usually a technical skill set – and put them into leadership roles that they are not prepared for. Then the individual gets frustrated and feels they are letting the company down when they struggle in the first few months, and the reset of the team gets disheartened because they need good strong leadership. I believe everyone goes to work wanting to do their best and I can help them achieve that.” says Pam

Pam’s belief in and commitment to improving people performance is clear in her own career and also in the coaching, training and consulting program’s that she provides to her clients.

Working with Pam eases the pain of transition, brings out the best in a team of people and fast tracks the career of individuals managers

About Broadspring Consulting

A boutique consulting practice founded on the principles of practical advice that works, Broadspring Consulting is the go to service for managers who need advice, support and skill building. If you are a manager who needs to make a better transition, Pam can help.

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