As ‘The Security Artist’, Andrew Bycroft is among Australia’s leading experts in the field of cyber crime, and his approach extends far beyond a traditional IT-based response.

With 23 years’ experience in the cyber-security field, Andrew educates business and prevents cyber crime by dealing with the psychology, not just the technology, behind it.

Using a no-nonsense, jargon-free approach, he looks at cyber crime through a wider lens – offering business, corporations and the greater public an in-depth insight into how and why cyber threats occur, and arming them with foresight and resilience to guard against future attacks.

His unique big-picture perspective sees Andrew share his expertise on cyber crime at a global and company level, before enabling managers to plan ahead, and implement strategies to prevent it.

Andrew notes cyber crime has reached pandemic proportions because only 30% of it is being addressed adequately, with 70% of the problem falling outside the interests, capabilities, and job descriptions of the IT professionals tasked with preventing it.

He continues cyber crime presents an often confusing and overwhelming problem for big business and the public, but he uses his insight to explain, demystify and arm people with the knowledge and procedures to safeguard business, the valuable data they are responsible for protecting, and ultimately their reputation.

Andrew Bycroft is a respected public speaker on the issue of cyber crime, the published author of “The Cyber Intelligent Executive”, and co-author of “Adapt or Die”. He currently has a third book in the works entitled “The Cyber Intelligent Director”.

He provides a comprehensive and clear insight into cyber crime at a global, national and local level, in addition to advice on the effective strategies that can be used to protect business and members of the public.

Andrew Bycroft is the Director of Sydney-based consulting firm “The Security Artist”, and is available for interview by contacting 0477 999 138.

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