Successful small business owner and former credit controller Jan Reeves is a leading expert in getting invoices paid on time to increase cash flow and profit.

This former executive turned entrepreneur works with other business owners through her innovative business e-course “Get Paid”. In 3 simple steps, and simply by using good customer service, Jan shows business owners how to maximise their cash flow, profits and business value by getting invoices paid on time.

Jan not only talks the business talk, she has successfully walked the business walk.

After a successful 20-year career in credit control and collections, Jan launched her own company in 1995. But she was so busy learning how to run a business, she totally forgot her collections training and neglected outstanding invoices.

Almost running out of money at one point was a very scary wake-up call. Jan quickly put her years of collections experience to good use and devised a simple 3-step system to guarantee all future invoices were paid on time, every time.

Cleverly disguised as customer service, Jan’s system had 3 simple steps:

  1.   Strong Set Up –  Know exactly who is going to pay your bill
  2.   Smart Invoicing – 52% of invoices will never be paid because they’re wrong
  3.   Service with a Smile –  if people like you, they’ll pay you

From that day forward, Jan’s clients always paid on time.

Not having to worry about cash flow ever again left Jan free focus on profit and growth and was able to turn her business into one of the most profitable in its field. While most of her competitors had profits of under 10% and many returned just 3% or 4%, Jan achieved 24%.

In 2009 Jan sold that business to an ASX listed company after it reached an astounding $12million per annum in turnover. Along the way she had expanded into three offices with 28 staff and totally self-funded her business; never having to borrow a cent.

Jan now shares her simple, 3-step common-sense approach to accounting with other business operators via simple, easy to implement strategies – strategies that ensure creditors want to pay their invoices on time, want to re-order and want to refer them to other business owners.

Jan Reeves has a unique, overarching insight into business operations, customer service, cash flow and profit, and is available to discuss:

  • Getting invoices paid on time, every time without upsetting customers
  • Self-funding business growth – simply by getting paid on time
  • Customer service: Building an outstanding service culture
  • Winning business strategies
  • Fostering strong customer relationships
  • Business planning, goal setting and achievement
  • Business growth and profit strategies
  • The value of cost-effective repeat business and referrals
  • Building business value
  • Maintaining strong cash flow for business
  • Effective invoicing techniques
  • How to avoid business borrowing
  • Customer relations that ensure profitability

Jan Reeves is a business coach and creator of the ‘Get Paid’ e-course. She is available for interview by contacting Linda Reed-Enever at ThoughtSpot PR on 0433 149 319 or Jan herself via email  More information and tips from Jan are available at

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