Kerryn has recognised that increasingly the online world is impacting our lives. Many people now lack  conversational skills, struggle to make connection and find networking face to face uncomfortable. Yet, face to face networking is an essential marketing tool for any business, and it needs to be done properly.

As a natural connector and a generous and warm facilitator, Kerryn knows that networking enriches our lives, both personally and professionally.

Kerryn is the Founder and Creator of Your Time Matters. In 2013  she expanded the business to include  YTM Business Networking events assisting   business owners and professionals to have deeper, and more  effective conversations to build relationships, gain knowledge and seek out opportunities to grow their business.

She has been instrumental in boosting confidence and helping to establish relationships

through authentic conversations. Her engaging and authentic approach has helped

business professionals and teams build  bigger and better networks, both  internally and externally, that impact on growth.


Kerryn is a creative and innovative business owner, fostering relationships and creating opportunities for business owners and professionals to connect confidently face to face through the art of conversation. What she loves, and does best is build relationships, establish connections, create communities and networks…face to face!

Kerryn turned the business networking world on its head with the launch of her conversation starter cards.  Participants engage and connect in meaningful conversations that encourage them to help each other as they share knowledge and experience. Business owners and professionals benefit from  a well tested and structured format that has drawn together more than 1200 business owners for over 7000 conversations over the past four  years, making for a fun and informative evening.

Kerryn has a diverse career portfolio gained through the travel industry, education, market co-ordination, relocation of international families and small business.  She has created networks and communities throughout her career providing opportunities for others to learn, grow and achieve what matters to them.

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