Mel-Driver-_-EmbalmSkincareMel Driver was a trusting consumer of natural skincare products until Mel one day discovered the secret ingredients most companies use in their natural products.

Alarmed at the damage these ingredients could be doing to her skin and overall health, Mel immersed herself in a world of research and knowledge gathering, which led to the creation of Embalm Skincare.

It was passion, determination and a genuine care for others that led Mel Driver on her journey to create the Embalm Skincare range, a 100% natural range with no false claims and no nasty ingredients.
“In today’s world, many skincare products use selective “natural ingredient” or “natural actives” claims on their packaging; making consumers believe they are safe to use.” Mel says.

Drawing on the skincare traditions from ancient Egypt to China, Mel worked hard to create a range that targets improvement of all skin types through the use of natural ingredients such as essential oils, herbs and clays.

Those looking for proof that natural skincare works need look no further than Mel to find it, with her natural glow from her very own range.

Mel educates others through her blog at Embalm Skincare and is continually working on adding more to her natural range.

Embalm Skincare products are made of 100% natural ingredients. Even the preservatives have been selected based on their plant-derived origin. At Embalm Skincare we believe in honesty and our products are exactly what they claim to be – 100% natural.

The Embalm Skincare range is the result of extensive research and learning in the effort to create beneficial and healthy skincare products that nurture and protect your skin, using ancient and proven principles. Embalm products are also vegan-friendly.

Experience luxurious skincare products that promote radiant, healthy and younger looking skin naturally with Embalm Skincare.

Contact Mel on 0408 370 553 or email

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