In her latest work, How Food is Made: An illustrated guide to how everyday food is produced, Australian illustrator and designer, Ayla Marika, demystifies how common processed foods are manufactured using plain language and step-by-step entertaining graphics.

Researched and compiled over two years, How Food is Made answers the big questions of how food is created on an industrial-scale. Using illustrations, infographics and simple language, the informative book guides readers through the entire process of how popular factory-made foods such as sugar, coffee and chocolate are concocted, from raw ingredient to final packaged product.

How Food is Made is an invaluable and fascinating resource for educators, children and parents – in fact anyone curious about food.

With almost 1,000 hand-drawn illustrations, I’ve covered 60 favourite foods,” said Ayla Marika. “It presents the bare facts without bias to allow readers the freedom to form their own ideas about the food they choose to buy and eat.

“My vision is to reduce confusion caused by food advertising, empower people to think differently about the food they eat, and spark conversations. There’s no other book like this in the world and I think it’s important we educate ourselves and others in how the food we eat has been made.”

Ayla can talk about how it’s important to know and educate children on where food comes from, some of the surprises she found while researching foods, and why she produced the book.

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