Book_cover_front_shadowNew 120-page book titled, Brand Engagement | Public Relations and other techniques to make your brand shine.

The paperback is a practical reference book that reveals tried and tested PR tactics that will help SMBs engage with their target audiences and contribute to building their brand. PR chapters include Publicity and Promotion, Competitions and Giveaways, What is News? PR versus Advertising, Producing a Newsletter, Surveys and Research and When is it Time for a new Corporate Identity?

In addition, the book includes case studies and advice from well known business leaders who have contributed chapters on topics such as sales training, innovation, customer engagement, strategic alliances, social media and search engine optimisation. All up there are 20 chapters on different topics.

Reader’s don’t have to read from cover to cover but can pick and choose chapters that will help them on particular subjects. They can decide what they need inspiration on and then just read one or two chapters at a time (ie 10 minutes or so). It is very easy to read.

It can also be purchased as an e-book.

RRP: $19.95

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