John Kim, Managing Director of Brisbane commercial cleaning company, OptiClean, is a man on a mission. John wants to help schools stay safe for their students and teaching staff during this difficult time with COVID-19, so he’s offering a free sanitisation service to Brisbane Catholic primary education schools.


His company uses spray technology – referred to as fogging – where a fine sanitising mist is sprayed throughout classrooms, lunch rooms, wash rooms, and staff rooms, and even on playground equipment. The mist is an environmental disinfectant, and it’s safe for kids.

ATP Meter Tests

Before and after each treatment, John’s team runs tests with an ATP meter to count living organisms on various parts of the treatment areas. The tests after the treatments have shown levels that are actually below safe levels.

John knows that if primary school children have to stay home, it puts a strain on at least one parent, especially if they work. And primary school age children need monitoring far more than secondary school age kids.

Gesture of Goodwill

“Children are our future”, said John. “They need access to quality education. If I can help some primary schools stay safe, I’m happy.” John is quick to point out that his free sanitisation treatment is a gesture of goodwill, and he expects nothing in return.

Several schools have booked sanitisation services, including a school that will be used for state election voting on Saturday. They want their school to be sanitised on Sunday, so it will be safe for children and staff on Monday.

John Kim is available for interview on 0406 644 391.


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