Think business is all trade secrets and competitive edge?

Well think again, because an online business community is proving that support and sharing in small business can have major benefits for entrepreneurs.

Created by business owners for business owners, Business Business Business is an online networking and resources community featuring over 25,000 members.

With the mantra ‘Learn, Connect, Network, Do,’ the site and accompanying Facebook page is a seminal resource and meeting place for business owners looking to engage with their peers.

Regardless of the industry or location, all members share a common interest – they’re in small business and working to improve what they do.

Site founders Linda Reed-Enever and Clive Enever explain Business Business Business was established to provide a judgement free-arena where business owners could grow their skills and share their experiences together.

“We knew that business owners could benefit from a collaborative virtual space where they could share the small business journey,” Clive explains. “We also felt there was more we could offer business owners to allow them easy access to the type of tools they require.”

And according to members this supportive, collaborative environment is invaluable.

Entrepreneur and BBB member Jo Saunders explains: “Linda and Clive bring together the best in business with BBB and have created a community of peers that support each other at any stage of business.

“They introduce experts in their field to share their knowledge in addition to special offers. BBB has become an essential Facebook destination to grow your business, through growing your mind, network and knowledge.”

Meanwhile others note it is the ability to seek instant advice from people who share the small business journey that offers a significant benefit in an environment where upskilling is an everyday requirement.

“There really is nothing you can’t ask in this group. From logos, to marketing, to debt collection and difficult conversations, there is always someone (more than one) who offers awesome suggestions,” business owner Jenny DeLacy notes.

Business Business business was first established as a Facebook group in 2014. Since then it has grown to over 21,000 members with an accompanying website that offers further resources and and professional insight.

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