Are you utilising the best-kept secret in business communication

Are you harnessing the power of storytelling? In any business presentation, a story helps to illustrate a point far better than a set of facts alone. A story gives people a reason to care about what you’re saying. If a simple story is told well, your audience can relate to the characters, the plot and the lessons learned.

If your audience can relate to your story, they will remember your message.

As a storyteller, you set the stage, lay out the characters and move the story along. You are the bridge between imagination and creation. You are essential to the audience’s understanding of the plot, the central theme and the call to action. The power of the story is in the telling. Reading a story out loud will not evoke the desired emotion, telling a story is a great start, but how about re-living a story? As a skilled storyteller, you can take people on a guided journey with all the twists and turns of a theme park ride. In my business storytelling workshops, I will show you how to find which stories to tell and how to tell them for maximum impact.

Don’t tell me your story. Take me there – Lisa Evans

Your audience will feel part of your story if they can see themselves in the story. What part do they play? If you are telling a business story, the audience is the hero in that story. You, as the business owner or leader are the mentor, there to help the hero along the journey.


Lisa Evans, MBA is a Certified World Class Speaking and Storytelling Coach, Keynote Speaker, Speechwriter, and TEDx Speaker Coach.

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