Now this might upset a few people I want to talk about you know buying from friends. Why buying off them is more important than you buying from the shops. You’ve got to understand that this person is a small business or just a business owner just like everyone else out there. They want to make sure that their kids are looked after and that they’re able to do things and have things for them. So look at the stuff you have got in your home and think oh my friend sells it; would be a great fit that I could buy it off her and knowing that I’m getting it off her and I am getting looked after.

I am a Junkie of the industry if that’s where you want to call it. I love to support my friends who are in the industry and who are wanting to make a difference to their children. One of them works in ACN and I just want to mention that the fact  It’s all about gas and electricity and I got my phone plan from her, I’m not changing who I’m with, I am still with the company. I’m actually supporting her and her business she is making income from that and I haven’t had to do anything she’s looked after it all. It just feels so good that I’m able to help her.

If I want to buy some spices go to the people that I know in the industry first and see if they’ve got what I’m after. Same as skincare and makeup and household items and everything. So really take the time to have a look at what you’ve got in your house that instead of buying from the masses, the big four or big three or whatever you want to call it. Look at the little small operators who you know are doing it tough and just want to earn a little bit of extra income to support their them and their family.

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