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Elle Roberts -Small Business Coach decides to tackle Women’s Financial Literacy with a New Platform

Currently working as an Online Business Manager at, CEO and Community Champion at The Artful Business Community and now Editor in Chief here at The Worth Seekers Elle Roberts has a passion for entrepreneurship, online marketing, social media and empowering women to lead their best life. She has a new found drive to understanding of personal finance and women’s financially literacy.

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Anastasia Cockbain -Playing Real-life Monopoly

Every day, I help Australians play real life Monopoly! 
Yep – The game that can go for hours, and brings out the competitiveness in everyone; where the idea is to build your property profile and wealth. 
Guess what? It’s not that different in reality. My job is to help people leverage the banks money in a structured and strategised way, to build their portfolio and win the game! 

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Property Investing Mastermind and Author Michael Sloan

Michael Sloan is the Founder and Managing Director of Property Investment Firm The Successful Investor, assisting thousands of clients across Australia with the development of their property portfolios. Michael is a much-respected figure in the real estate community, as his honest and straightforward approach is a breath of fresh air to his wealth of clients.

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Jenny Lacy – Video Marketing Strategies to Build Your People, Profile and Profit

Jenny De Lacy will teach you how to successfully implement video marketing in your business to grow your people, profile and profit. Using a proven five step system for simple and effortless video marketing, she educates through workshops, online programs and one on one intensives.

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Tasha Jennings Natural Fertility Specialist, Author, Founder & Passionate about helping couples conceive and carry healthy babies

As a Naturopath and Nutritionist, Tasha Jennings has always been passionate about helping people live healthier and happier lives, but after experiencing personal struggles with fertility, she shifted her focus to helping couples successfully conceive and carry healthy babies. Tasha’s strongly believes that being the best Mum starts well before birth.  In fact she loves the saying “when you were just a twinkle in your Father’s eye”.  Tasha believes, that’s when you start becoming parent.  That’s when you are already carrying all the DNA that has the potential to become your future child.  The nourishing and the nurturing, starts now.

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Lisa Evans – Helping Business Owners Leverage Speaking as a Marketing Tool

Lisa knows how it feels to be afraid of speaking in public, as she started out as a shy and reluctant speaker. A life-defining event led her to discover her voice and her purpose which is to help other to speak with confidence about their business.

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