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Steven Brown: Changing The Way You Think About the Law

Steven Brown is one of the founders of Etienne Lawyers. Steven not only holds a Law degree but also an Economics degree and a Master of Applied Finance. Which allows him to look at the whole business, not just the legal problem. Steven’s dedicated and focused approach leads to client satisfaction. Steven has been servicing many of his clients for 30 years and more. Looking at the whole business allows your lawyer to be more creative in finding ways to protect your business from those landmines. He has lectured at Universities, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the College of Law. He is a sought after presenter for both legal and business education events.

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Property Expert Uwe Jacobs – Your Friend in Property Investing is Available for Interview

Since 2003 Uwe Jacobs, the founding director of Property Friends AND author of the book “The 7 Secrets of Highly Successful Property Investors”, has assisted over 330 clients with property investments according to a highly successful, tried and tested methodology.
With 76% return clients, the Property Friends System has over and over been proven to be low risk.
There are a number of topics that Uwe is readily available to speak on

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Tara Whitney – A funding specialist for business, non-profits, government and community organisations

Whitney Consulting is led by our Principal Consultant, Tara Whitney, a funding expert with over a decade of experience in funding application processes – both in applying for funding on behalf of clients as well as assessing and managing grants on behalf of government.

Whitney Consulting specialises in working with organisations and businesses to develop robust project and business solutions, then sourcing funding to turn those ideas a reality.

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Elle Roberts -Small Business Coach decides to tackle Women’s Financial Literacy with a New Platform

Currently working as an Online Business Manager at ElleRoberts.me, CEO and Community Champion at The Artful Business Community and now Editor in Chief here at The Worth Seekers Elle Roberts has a passion for entrepreneurship, online marketing, social media and empowering women to lead their best life. She has a new found drive to understanding of personal finance and women’s financially literacy.

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Peter Khalil

Peter is the Founder and Director of Perris Knightsbridge Chartered Accountants, a boutique accountancy consulting to small business.

Peter has been able to deliver a new multi-disciplined approach to helping small business; translating the skills he developed working with some of Australia’s largest organisations into tangible strategies that have exceptional value to small business.

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Available for Interview – Pam Macdonald – People Performance and HR Strategy for Outstanding Performance

Pam Macdonald is practical, experienced and passionate about helping people to be the best they can be at work, and hence in helping businesses to achieve the results they desire.
Her unique and deep experience in the three business critical areas of managing people, leading change and managing HR are an asset to any business.
Pam works with individuals and teams to bring out their best and deliver great results.
She can be contacted on 0438 843970 or at [email protected]

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