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Mark Cupples- Author of Slim Businez, offers perfect results for people who aren’t perfect

New weight loss book offers perfect results for people who aren’t perfect. Mark Cupples took two years to research and write the book Slim Businez, which emphasises effective processes to lose weight.
After 35 years of being overweight Mark decided he wanted to develop an effective ‘real world’ system that anyone could follow. When it worked for Mark he knew it could work for anyone.

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Available for Interview Sue Lester – adventurer, speaker, author and head trash clearing expert

Sue Lester is an adventurer at heart with a passion for clearing head trash. She’s been charged by a silver-backed gorilla in the Republic of Congo, canoed the Zambezi River dodging hippos and crocs, and walked across the Australian Simpson Desert with 16 camels, but Sue says her greatest adventure (to date) is the discovery and exploration of our unconscious blueprints, our faces within.

Sue Lester has researched the existence and impact of our unconscious blueprints at work and play, and most importantly, how to change them for good. She has just published her findings as the ultimate D.I.Y. head trash clearing kit for busy, overstretched women who have lost the “I” in their lives, in her book, ‘The Face Within: How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint”.

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