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Yoga consultant offers insight into intention settings for New Year

“My New Year’s Eve yoga is such a heart-warming gathering. It’s lovely to see young adults, older people, even little kids prop next to each other, breathing deeply, and stretching their bodies and minds through yoga, while enjoying the sounds of the sea and the warmth of the sun together,” said Jan Winslade, of Yoga by the Bay.

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“Queen of Resilience” Stacey Copas – Author of “How To Be Resilient”

Stacey Copas, Author of “How To Be Resilient”, is Australia’s #1 Keynote Speaker and Facilitator on Turning Adversity Into An Asset. She has worked with large organisations such as Telstra, CSIRO and SACA, helping their leaders be their best in challenging times. Stacey has also been featured in national media including ABC, Financial Review and The Australian for her insights on resilience in the workplace.

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Mark Cupples- Author of Slim Businez, offers perfect results for people who aren’t perfect

New weight loss book offers perfect results for people who aren’t perfect. Mark Cupples took two years to research and write the book Slim Businez, which emphasises effective processes to lose weight.
After 35 years of being overweight Mark decided he wanted to develop an effective ‘real world’ system that anyone could follow. When it worked for Mark he knew it could work for anyone.

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