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News Angles and Media Tips you can tap into for April 2021

April kicks off with the excitement of Easter and the month then continues at a fast news pace.
This is a time that tends to trend for holidays, health awareness campaigns and even humour like April Fool’s Day. In the interim, it’s well and truly autumn and the lead-up to major news events like the Federal Budget in May.
So let’s dive into all that April delivers.

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News Angles and Media Tips, you can tap into for March 2020

March brings us the beginning of Autumn, making seasonal content timely. It also sees many people beginning to prepare for Easter on April 12 and the upcoming holidays.
In the interim, a host of awareness days occur in March including International Women’s Day, while the entire month features a focus on women’s history, foster care and epilepsy.
In fact March sees things really begin to ramp up on the media calendar.

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