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Multiple Media Wins from the One Idea for Rachel

I have to say thank you to Linda, the Media Connections Team and the brainstorming community. Recently I had some fantastic photos of fungi, I wasn’t quite sure what a great angle for the media could be though. One post in the Media Connections Brainstorming group and I have a number of great angles and my media release was born.  Posted onto the website with great images, I also set to work in arranging a media event.
From the ideas I used, in the last 3 weeks I have enjoyed coverage on both ABC and Southern Cross evening news (both local), ABC Online have created a facebook video using their footage that has been viewed over 107,000 times and just created a follow up article online.  I have been interviewed on ABC Radio 3 times, both in studio and via phone call.  I have had a full page article in our local newspaper The Gazette, and great coverage in The Mercury, with a feature article currently being worked on.
All of the above coverage has seen our business, a cafe in our National Park, booming. The connections I have made with the journalists are now also leading to many more stories. My media releases are also now seen as a valuable email to read by these journalists.
I can’t thank you all enough – it’s wonderful to know that small businesses like ours can have such a strong voice by cutting straight through to the journalists through Media Connections.
Rachel Power
Waterfalls Cafe & Gallery
Mt Field National Park, Tasmania

Interviews and Co-Authorship success for Rebecca

Before I joined Media Connections as a Member I knew that being in touch with the press, writing and submitting press releases, and courting media coverage would help my start up business get noticed, but I was not sure on how to go about it. I found some press release templates, but the thought of compiling a list of media contacts then sending messages to each one individually was daunting and so I never got around to it.
Since joining Media Connections and creating my profile on the site, I have been interviewed by radio and online news services, and have been accepted as a co-author in an upcoming book that will be released internationally.
The site is easy to use, and packed with useful information and resources. Regular emails and alerts from the team at Media Connections help me know when to submit releases, article ideas and pitch stories, and I now know how best to structure and write my articles for maximum impact. As a Member I also have access to individual support and feedback from the team and other members. Thanks to the support, tools and opportunities provided by Media Connections I am now a lot more confident not only in reaching out to the press, but in promoting my business generally.
I have no hesitation in recommending Media Connections Membership to anyone who is going down the DIY PR Path.
Rebecca Carroll-Bell
LLB (Honours) BSci (Psychology)

Success for Esencia Communications

Linda and the Media Connections team work tirelessly to help brands connect with journalists and vice versa, and it pays off! Media Connections has been a valuable tool in assisting me to put my press releases in front of influencial journalists and bloggers, and they’re picked up every time.
Tamara Jenkins – Director
Esencia Communications

Belgrin thinks Media Connections is a fabulous tool

Maria Bellissimo-Magrin
As a PR and communications agency, Media Connections is a fabulous tool for our business and our clients.
We’ve had numerous successes as members and highly recommend it for those needing to keep in touch with the media.
Maria Bellissimo-Magrin
CEO Belgrin

Radio Coverage and more for Property Friends

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the things you and your team do at Media Connections.
Not only do you provide great content, even teach and train, but more over you connect people.
Through those connections Property Friends (and I) have just landed a gig at a radio show that has “a cult following in the business world with an international audience of between 350,000 and 700,000, listening on the radio, online, via the app and podcasts”
Got to be happy with that sort of exposure, thanks heaps Linda, I couldn’t have done this without you.
​Kind regards
Uwe Jacobs
Property Friends​

Magazine Coverage in a Leading Parenting Mag for Aunty Rozzy

Thank you Linda.  I joined Media Connections a while ago and are very excited to say that the leading children’s magazine, approached me at Aunty Rozzy for photos to go with an article they had already written.
I had been trying to get an article in this Magazine for the last five years to no avail – even though I was paying for advertising!!
Hey!!  ~ Media Connections works!  It puts you in front of people in the know who trust each other and BINGO!!  we are the hunted instead of the one doing the hunting!!

National Press and Radio Interviews for Pam

The Media Connections site is an easy way for me to connect with 1000’s journalists, and it is well set up and managed by Linda Reed Enever and her team.
They provide me with templates, advice and a direct avenue to get my press releases in front of a great set of journalists.
I’ve had several interviews and been published in National papers, that then led into radio interviews and follow ups.
Thanks for the support Media Connections team.
Pam Macdonald
Director – Broadsping Consulting

The GO Festival connects with the Media through the Press Room and Coaching

It is has been, as always an absolute pleasure to work with Linda from Media Connections. Not just because of the amazing contacts she has and the exposure she gives to our festival but also because of her amazing energy and enthusiasm.
Working with Media Connections is like having your own PR company on board as they offer such amazing, personal service.
I have worked with Linda twice now and it just keeps on getting better!
Susan Dibbs
Event Manager
GO Festival

Resumes To You – Published twice from 2 releases.

Submitting to Media Connections has been the best decision we here at Resumes To You has made in terms of marketing.
Linda has been extremely helpful and professional in her approach, guidance and Knowledge of Press Releases. She has been very responsive with our questions and always got back to us very quickly with responses with great outcomes.
We have submitted releases twice now and I’m very happy and excited to say that on both occasions we have been contacted by two online magazines that have run our press release and also had the opportunity to submit an article for an online magazine & offer tips to career professionals in Q & A.
Submitting release to Media Connections  has certainly given us a boost as this has been the first time we have submitted a press release. Thank you Linda for your fantastic service and professional knowledge with great results, We look forward to working with you again throughout the year.
Anyone thinking or looking for a PR company that can deliver results, Then I highly recommend contacting Linda and the Media Connections team!
Matt – Resumes To You


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