Paying homage to the land of popcorn, Australia’s favourite popcorn brand, Cobs, has launched a classic ‘Americana’ range, featuring three delicious new flavours.

From sunny California to the green mountains of Vermont, and the American heartland of the Midwest, this popcorn range crosses state borders and blazes a trail to deliver the ultimate in flavour and taste.

The three Americana range flavours include:

Vermont Maple Vanilla – celebrating Vermont’s state tree, the Maple, this delicious flavour combines the smooth taste of maple, with flavoursome vanilla, and the finest quality corn. Three of nature’s wonders combined into a sweet, fragrant popcorn. This is Vermont’s finest!

California Ranch – first invented in the early 1950s by a cowboy on a dude ranch way out west, this iconic flavour emulates that all-American ranch dressing. Combining the creaminess of buttermilk, with the spiciness of black pepper and onion, this popcorn has the taste of bona-fide, real-deal ranch dressing.

Midwest Hickory Bar-B-Qthis time-honoured, full-of-flavour, ol’ fashioned American blend combines the flavours of hickory smoke, midwest seasonings, and fiery spices – just the way Bar-B-Q should be!

The three new Americana range flavours also join ‘Chicago Mix’, launched last month to celebrate the bustling metropolis of Chicago.

“We really wanted to pay homage to the land of popcorn, and celebrate the different regions throughout America. Cobs uses the finest quality ingredients, including the very best corn available, and we’re really celebrating some classic American flavours with this new range,” says Cobs co-founder, Ravit Walys.

Available in 100gm (California Range and Midwest Hickory Bar-B-Q) and 120 gm (Vermont Maple Vanilla) bags, the Americana range is available from independent grocers and other specialty retailers for $3.29 (RRP). The entire range of Cobs Popcorn flavours can also be purchased online at


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