Several small businesses at Western Sydney based BREED Business Centre are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after withstanding the challenges imposed by COVID19 over the last few months.

BREED Australia, a not for profit business incubator, which was established at Quakers Hill in 1994, has been steadfast in assisting its tenants and safeguarding their chances of survival through the COVID19 crisis.

For the majority of tenants at the BREED Business Centre, the unanticipated onset of COVID19 and its adverse effects on their businesses was life-changing.

Julian Mikhael, the owner of Mindset Web Services, started his Web Design Business in 2018. His motivation was to help small businesses get online without having them put a majority of their efforts into managing their own website and online services. However, as effects of Coronavirus started to take hold in March this year, Julian was forced to look at his business model with a new mindset.

“I wish we had the attitude from the start that we needed to change the direction of the business – we got caught up a lot in fear of it,” said Julian, “If anything, we found we actually improved.

According to Julian, the most important lesson he learnt during the crisis was that  “You need to always be prepared to change the direction of your business without much notice”.

There were also challenges when it came to working from home, as tenants struggled with adapting to a different working environment.

“There was a real lack of networking,” said Sanjeev Mehra owner of Garage Film Studio, “It was a different environment – I turned one of my rooms into my studio. There wasn’t the sort of communication that I had with people while I worked from home.”

“It was very challenging,” said John Hernandez, a young entrepreneur who started Inner Beast Clothing in 2015. According to John, “ I’ve always been really into fitness, and I’ve always been creative, so I wanted to find a way to combine the two. For me, that was clothing. It’s become a real brand, with a message about motivating and inspiring”.

“There was no space for me to work, I didn’t have the motivation. There was also no one to talk to, and I couldn’t rely on the services that I was used to in the office”. A few weeks ago, John moved back to the office, and things are looking up.

However, not all tenants worked from home – some remained at the office and admitted that working from home isn’t always an option for everybody.

“I think it sometimes works,” said Ross Banno from National Driver Education, “You can get stuff from the office, and a lot of what we do has to be transferred anyway. It’s not absolute, and it has a place, but to say everyone is working from home is a myth. A lot of tradies, for example, still have to go into work.”

For almost a quarter of a century, BREED has been a Western Suburbs NFP community charity connecting people and businesses by “enhancing, influencing, transforming skills and attitudes”.

Being a conduit to education, mentorships, serviced offices and business information BREED Australia is making a difference in Sydney’s Western Suburbs and now from Temora, NSW.

The BREED Australia Board had earlier announced a full rental waiver for tenants in their Quakers Hill and Temora Business Centres. Tenants at the business incubator service centres primarily include start-ups, youth enterprises and entrepreneurs with disabilities who are supported by this announcement.

BREED Board Member Nathan Burridge compared the BREED outcomes as a “Microcosm- where things seem small (but) have a huge impact”.

“The waiving of the rent helped, it actually allowed me to have some funds together,” said John Hernandez from Inner Beast Clothing, “The other tenants were also helpful because they’re easy to talk to through the whole thing. The admin services also help because that way I know my parcels aren’t just going to be left somewhere. BREED has been really core to growing my business and supporting me.”

“Firstly, BREED helped us with the rent relief. It was also how we worked as a team to get through it. The communication was always good, and BREED considered our situation. We were really fighting together as a unit against the effects of COVID.” said Sanjeev Mehra owner of Garage Film Studio

Emmanuel Martin, Consultant General Manager of BREED, said “Although Coronavirus has devasted a large section of business communities, I was proud of how BREED stood by its values to help local businesses and more critically plan ahead for future contingencies”,

COVID-19 may be a massive focus in our world right now, but it is the small events and actions in how we deal with this that will make genuinely huge impacts as we go forward.

“BREED will continue supporting their tenants and partners to be resilient and grow into the future, helping yet another generation of people into meaningful employment either for themselves or for others”, stated Steven Brown, Chairman of the BREED Board.

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For further information General Manager, Emmanuel Martin is available at or 0400686923

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