Every year for the last three years has apparently been the ‘year of video’. And there’s a reason for that>>>

Hubspot report that 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week, and Twitter reports that 82% of Twitter users watch video content. Video is reaching more and more people, with YouTube growing 100% year on year, and 8 out of 10 18-49 year olds watching content on youtube (Google)*

Whichever way you look at it, video marketing is a must for your business


And it doesn’t have to cost the earth or your hairline – you can set up for FREE, or if you want a little more, for under $300. Use your smart phone to record high quality videos that you could be sharing with your online audience, in email marketing, on your website homepage and more – today.

In this article I’ll show you how to set up with a free or low cost option to get you started creating great quality videos to showcase your personality and business message fast and faff-free.

The Equipment


The camera in your phone is better than your webcam, and with the amount of moula manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung are throwing at smart phone technology you can understand why.

Don’t go and buy camcorder or a fancy DSLR right off the bat.

Just use what you have and you can create great quality videos.

A TRIPOD – Starting <$100

A tripod is really a must for professional looking videos. You can find one at your local camera store, or online, secondhand or new.

Are you going to sit or stand when you create your videos/go live? This will make a difference to the tripod you choose.

Make sure you have the adaptor for your phone to attach to the top and you’re ready to go for under $100AUD.

LIGHTS – Starting at $0

Light makes a big difference to how you look on camera. You can go from anonymous interviewee on a current affair to video star with just the flick of a switch. Better yet, save your dollars and see if you have a good source of natural light in your office space where you can stand or sit with the light facing you, and you’re good to go.

If you do choose to buy lights, check eBay and you can find studio light kits starting around the $70AUD mark. You can spend more, but I always suggest trying with the natural light first, then if you decide this video lark is online, invest in some lights. That way you can record from anywhere in your work space and still have light on your lovely face.

MICROPHONE – Starting at $0

Sound can be a game changer and a deal breaker on video. Statistics say that sound is even more important than light if you want people to watch your video creations. (I confess I disagree with this in the age of watching without sound, I think light is more and more critical to getting people to stick around – but stay with me here).

Do a sound test on you phone without a mic and see if you can hear any background noise, office chatter, air-conditioning and so on. If you think you are too hard to hear – invest in a microphone.

Free – your headphones mic that came with your smart phone.

Top right in the collage is a lapel mic by RODE. These babies can be found easily online and in stores such as JB HiFi. They are usually priced around $60AUD.

The RODE Videomic Me (bottom left) is my favourite – you can use the fluffy thing if you’re outdoors, and it makes a big difference to the sound. I use this in most of my videos, like this one I did for fun with Hansens here in Melbourne for their Christmas message last year. The office is near a busy road and a train line – I think this mic did a great job.

If you want wireless mics because you are going to record video and move around (such as a conference or a meeting), you might pay a bit more and likely find they can’t be used with your phone. But check them out before purchasing online so you don’t waste your money. I think you’re better off paying a videographer to record your conference footage.


Now you have the equipment – set up in a spot with good light, and nothing too distracting in the background. Especially if you have a whiteboard covered in commercially sensitive information, or a messy bookshelf. People will spend their time trying to read it or check out your reading preferences instead of listening to your message.

It’s a good idea to find somewhere in your workspace that you can set up regularly to record. That way you don’t have to think about it each time, and it’s ready to go when you are. Think corner of boardroom next to the pot plant or nice picture on the wall, or standing in your workspace with a simple shelf near you with branded coloured vase and flowers.

None of this will break the bank. If you work from home, most of the time you already have things that suit your brand because it’s a colour you like. Stores such as Typo and K-Mart have tons of great decorator bits and pieces in a range of colours that suit most brands.


Now that you’re ready to go – what are you going to say? The starting point for a video marketing strategy that works is working out what your clients need. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Use you Frequently Asked Questions on your website as inspiration for a few short videos
  • Do an industry round up each Friday and send it out via social media
  • Interview some of the team so clients get to know who’s behind the scenes
  • Is there an industry trend or current concern you could answer on video?
  • Use regular videos to send out to team members as a way to stay in touch
  • If you send out a newsletter to your email list, add a video instead for some of the content


Access to video technology has meant that anyone with a smart phone and a message can create and share videos.

There might be times when you would like something a bit sexier though, and that’s where professional video producers come in.

Times when you need to call in the professionals include:

  • you want to walk and talk
  • you want to shoot video outside
  • you want a video with multiple elements such as various locations, music, professional voice over etc
  • you’re creating your website ‘evergreen’ video that showcases your business, team, location etc


If you’d like to set up a video marketing strategy for your business but you’re not sure how, think about your clients, your budget, and the channels you already use for your business marketing. Video is just another element to your overall strategy, and should complement what you already do.

If you’d like to learn more – I am currently running my free video marketing training Lights Camera Lipstick in a pop up Facebook training group. This is not a public group, only members can access the training, ask questions and create video content to share and ask for feedback. You can grab a spot here: www.thevisibilitycoach.com.au/lcl-webinar

>Learn how to create client focused content that’s aimed at improving your leads and profitability

>Find your best set up to look and feel conversational and confident on camera

>Learn my popular no-edit method for video creation

>Have access to the training, a community, and me for a week to ask questions and get support

>practice practice practice

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