A veterinary surgeons and Agricultural scientists perspective on animal related matters- animal welfare, human-animal bond , horses and workplace safety, economics

Animal Photojournalism & PR

Information for our potential clients:
1.1 publications interested in buying our stories
1.2 organizations,conferences,pharmaceutical companies, and individuals who are wanting PR
As a retired veterinary surgeon and trained scientist ,I am particularly interested in animal-related stories that have a flavour with such strong anecdotal evidence that it is something that cannot be rejected out of hand. My wife Sue, the founder of this business has a B.Bus( Agriculture) & is a riding Instructor (level 2 NCAS Equestrian Australia Coach ).
She is a beautiful “wordsmith” although very modest about her writing skills.

Published science in peer-reviewed journals of course makes our job of portraying the importance of science to the person on the street much easier.

We are particularly interested in the stories of individuals who have made it to the top in their area, focusing on their often inspirational personal qualities
Our stories once written can be reviewed before being purchased . Obviously, we prefer an expression of interest before we attend an event, as to what your publication is interested in
For organizations and individuals we need very specific instructions about what you want done so we can quote a price. We appreciate we must produce a monetary return for you, our client

What are our points difference from others in the PR area?
1) An appreciation of the human-animal bond, and the ability to capture this in still photography, video and the written word
2) Established links to organisations and their publications that have an interest in people and stories linked to veterinary science eg NZ Veterinary Association-NZVA ( Vet Script ) British Equine Veterinary Association (Equine Veterinary Journal), Equine Vets Australia, Control and therapy , American Association of Equine Practitioners-AAEP (TheHorse), Conference organising businesses
3) Established links to popular publications eg Australia –Hoofbeats,Weekly Times UK -Horse and Hound, Equine Health , NZ- Horse and Pony
4) History of broad range of assignments in many different countries ( In 2012,British Science festival& BEVA conference in the UK , Equidays and HOTYS in NZ ) We currently have a book in progress on the inspirational stories of some horse industry leaders
5) Established contacts with some of the world’s leading vet surgeons, vet researchers, equine scientists, riders and trainers
6) We have a Nikon 5100D digital SLR camera with the normal range of lenses . It is also capable of shooting 1080 High definition video . We use this when doing on camera interviews & creating testimonials.

We also have a JVC video camera with good zoom capability. We have access to professional videographers if you want someone else to shoot the footage & send to us for editing and production of material for Websites, Blogs,online magazines, ebooks etc. We also have access to video editors who are more skilled with eg “Final cut pro” than we are.

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