Public and Professional profile raiser expert using public appearances and simple short videos wisely and easily to shine and attract success.

So your business or public profile is building, and you want to be skilled up with speaking in public, conveying your expertise and valuable information. Trust marketing is all about the audience trusting what you say, how you say it and if your body language is congruent with that.

Allow me to assist you in with content, voice and body language, presentations and public appearances. My aim is to reveal your true genius to the world, perform like a natural in front of the camera or at an interview.

Running a number of live and web-based programs, as well as one on one coaching. Making you and your learning fun, and effective.

Karen Ostenried has given 100’s of presentations to a huge variety of audiences from scientists to volunteer organisations and children. Originally trained and working as a molecular biologist, immunologist, and geneticist, Karen spent many a night as a performing artist because her parents told her to get a real job. Frustrated by seeing so many brilliant people shut down when in the public media, she decided to train people in the art of communicating to many. Passionate about having fun while learning and learning by doing, her live programs are hugely interactive, encouraging participants to video everything they do, and creating products as they go. She is also very involved with horses and Equine Facilitated Learning and hopes to bring this into her leadership programs in the near future. Karen is Ambassador for Horses For Hope Shepparton, which is a unique program rehabilitating horses and humans.

For you to grow your client base and have raving fans , they need to trust you and first you need to connect and develop a relationship and that only happens if they believe what you are saying. Snake oil salesmen and women need not apply, only taking on genuine ethical people who are passionate about improving.

Keynote speaker on Resilience, leadership, and communication. Skilled MC, and Professional Entertainer, Voice Over Freelancer and Singing Coach, not to mention an honest and nice person with a wicked sense of humour.

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