Head trash cleared here – for you or your team! A disempowered mindset costs you in money, time, and emotional energy. Head Transition Coaching (via Skype worldwide), Sue Lester keynote speaker, in-house training, webinars, workshops, and retreats.

Many of our individual clients are ‘single wives’, women whose husbands frequently work away, leaving them to juggle home, children, career or business commitments, and the shift in dynamics as he comes and goes. They are stretched to their limits. Others are women who have been so busy being wives, mothers, daughters and business women they’ve lost the “I” out of their L_IVES. They feel lost, and are asking “is this all there is to life?”

Sue Lester provides individual head transition coaching programs via Skype, webinars, online coaching program and resources such as her book “The Face Within: How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint”, and powerful NLP process CDs which are available on the website

Our corporate and association clients are focussed on improving workplace dynamics and self-motivation, reducing stress levels and conflict. Popular topics for presentations, workshops, webinars and break-out sessions include:
-Ditch The Bitch: Turn Self-sabotage Into Self-Motivation
– How Your Unconscious Blueprints are Souring Workplace Dynamics
– De-stress For Success
– Personal Power Boost: Put the ‘I’ Back into Your LFE.

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