Elle loves few things as much as coffee and her three kids – but entrepreneurship and empowering women’s financial literacy come a close second.

Working for the past eight years as an online business coach, Elle has helped countless women build more strategy and profitability into their business, allowing them to do the work they love.

Currently working as an Online Business Manager at ElleRoberts.me, CEO and Community Champion at The Artful Business Community and now Editor in Chief here at The Worth Seekers – Elle likes to keep busy.

Her passion for personal finance and women’s financially literacy comes from a place of person struggle as well as experience working with countless clients over the years and watching them face the same issues over and over again when it comes to deal with money.

Herself a well educated, business graduate Elle has a long history of financial struggles. The last two years these past struggles and lack of knowledge put her family in a difficult situation when she had to stop working almost over night due to complications with her pregnancy.

Enough was enough and Elle and her partner dove headfirst in all things finance, sought help and faced their biggest money demands so they could build a better future. Realising just how much she never knew, and was never really given the tools to learn, Elle started making plans to launch The Worth Seekers.

The Worth Seekers is bringing together financial advisors, career coaches, business experts and everyday women to provide you with practical financial education. This is a platform dedicated to helping woman close the wealth gap, claim their self-worth and grow their net worth.

On average women earn 18% less than men over their career and one in three women retire in this country with little to NO superannuation.
It’s time the stats changed and Elle hopes that The Worth Seekers will help ignite the conversation, so collectively we can work to move the dial.

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