Ethical Direct Selling Group has appointed Leanne Russell as their Sales Development Manager. This means that Leanne will be looking for a sales team, she will be running our face to face mastermind groups as one aspect of her role.

This is her bio so you can get to meet her.

Leanne Russell is a wife a mother of two young ladies one is 14 the other is 6.  She had a very happy childhood, grew up in a very loving home with her beautiful parents. She had such respect for her parents and their influence was so vital for her.

She struggled with school as it wasn’t her thing, as soon as she was old enough she left school in Year 9 and started working for a General Practitioner.  Being there for many years as a medical receptionist, taught her so many different skills, she left the job when her boss retired.

She worked for about 4 years for a multi-service practice local to home to develop her knowledge even further.  Starting her family, Leanne then was a stay at home mother but wanted more.  She started in the direct selling industry, was having fun but they just didn’t seem to fit her ethos and values.  Leanne did try a few different companies (some closed down, others just didn’t bring her the joy she wanted).

In her journey she has had team members, amazing customers and great leadership. Leanne uses these qualities in everything she does.  Working from home was an advantage for Leanne when her 2nd child came along.  She has been a cleaner, worked at council, direct seller and more.

Now she is taking on another challenge working with Ethical Direct Selling Group as the Sales Development Manager.  She will be finding others to work alongside her that want to go from hobby mindset to business mindset in the Direct Selling / Network Marketing industry.  She will be running face to face mastermind groups in a few locations, as well as a mentor in training.

We are so happy to have Leanne on board to grow the Ethical brand, she will be such an asset to our business.

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