Release Template Product LaunchLaunching a product is an exciting time for a business owners and a great story to share with the media. Images play an important part of the product launch release so make sure you have some good quality images to submit with your release too!

Tips for Creating Your Release:

  • Write a great headline should be short and snappy to grab attention. It should include points from your release and sum up its subject.
  • The first paragraph is called ‘the lead’. It is the most important part of the release and should contain the strongest key message it where the who, what, when, where, and why of the story lives.
  • Journalists and Editors see lots of releases and may not read beyond the first paragraph, so it is important that it contains all the necessary and relevant information.
  • After the lead, each remaining paragraph should be less important than the one that precedes it. When your release is written this way, the story can, if necessary, be trimmed from the bottom up.
  • Keep each paragraph is self-contained and regardless of how many paragraphs are deleted, the story should still
    make complete sense.
  • Keep your media release to one page (maximum 400 -500 words). The aim is to encourage a reporter to pursue your story, not to overwhelm or bore them with detail.
  • Finish with the Media Contact Details and the Company Boilerplate. The Boilerplate is your media “elevator pitch.” about your company and product offerings to a reader who may have no prior knowledge of them.

Template for a Product Launch Release:

Title: [Company] Announces the Launch of [Product]

[City, State] – [Company] is excited to announce the launch of , a [description of product] that will [basics of what this product will do]. The official launch date for is [Date].

[Company] believes will [more details about what this product will do, maybe compared to what its predecessors and/or competitors already do].

[More details about product launch, such as what kinds of marketing will be employed, if there is to be a formal launch ceremony, etc.].

[Here you may quote someone related to this launch, using a relevant quote that gets people excited and/or gives them more information].

[Media Contact Details]

[Company Boilerplate]

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