Here are some of our more commonly asked Questions:

If your answer cannot be found here please feel free to email us with any questions you may have to

How do I get my media release in the Press Room?

The Press Room is available for our members to submit to. You can find our Membership options on our Memberships page.

Can I contribute to the Resource Room?

Yes we would love you to share your PR and Marketing articles in the resource room you can submit a resource article here.

How can I be Available for Interview

The Available for Interview Directory is part of our News Source Plus membership. You can join us as a New Source Plus Member here.

What is the difference between the memberships?

A News Source membership allows you to submit media releases, have access to your own newsroom and the Review and Giveaways section, and receive Media Alerts.

It also provides marketing assistance through our member’s facebook page.

A News Source Plus grants further access to our Available for Interview section where you can profile your expertise, and to additional resources like our Key Dates calendar. For further information about memberships, see our memberships page.

I’m a journalist seeking news stories, do I need to pay for a membership?

No. Our aim is to provide you easy access to all the latest news and products in the one place. Simply peruse our newsroom or sign up for immediate Journalist Alerts that will come direct to your inbox.

Can you assist me write a media release?

Along with tips on our Facebook page, we have a host of resources available in our Media Store, or contact us directly for further assistance.

When will my release be published?

We publish releases 5 times a day, 5 days a week and here are the publication times:

  • 8am – Deadline of 6pm the previous day
  • 10am – Deadline 30mins beforehand
  • 12pm – Deadline 30mins beforehand
  • 2pm – Deadline 30mins beforehand
  • 6pm – Deadline 30mins beforehand
I need to edit my release

We understand mistakes can happen. If you need to edit your release just after submission you can until it is live via the dashboard, which you can find at the very top of the page.

After your release is live you can email us the change that needs to be made to (If there is more than one change, send us a full copy replacement text in word or txt format and we will replace the whole release.)

How do I find my newsroom?

Your newsroom can be found by adding your User name to the following link:


When do we get sent Media Opportunity Alerts?

Media Opportunity Alerts are sent as soon as we receive them from the media, alerts are sent to all of our members automatically there is no need to subscribe to anything.

Is there a word limit for releases?

No, but as PR professionals we would suggest your release be limited to between 400 and 800 words.

How do journalists contact me?

Journalists will contact your directly via the details at the bottom of your Media Release and Press Room page. If you need to update your details you can here