If you are looking to buy your first home, this is a great place to start.
We’ve just launched our First Home Buyer Workshops! The first will be held at Dennis Johnson Branch library at Stanhope Gardens, Thursday 27th April at 6:30pm.
A small workshop, with industry professionals in the room, as a great place to learn, share and discover. The earlier you are in your journey the better – we’ll cover off savings and budgeting and preparing for your loan application, as well as the process you’ll follow when purchasing your first home and the different people you’ll need around you when the time comes.
It’s a relaxed and fun environment – in no way a stuffy seminar or lecture.
Cost is $49 per head which gives you the chance to become an educated buyer, and make your home buying process smooth and simplified! (oh, and to make sure our energy stays high – we’ll bring the snacks!)
We’re a community of professionals and first home buyers alike, a place to interact, ask questions and impart knowledge – and prepare for one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make.
TICKETS: https://www.sydneyfirsthomebuyers.com.au/upcoming-workshops
We absolutely welcome questions – so much so that one of the first things you’ll do when you arrive is write down a question which you want answered on a card to be discussed later on.
You’ll then have a chance to book in a one on one with some of our professionals – to start your journey. This might mean talking to a finance broker about saving for your deposit and setting some goals, a financial planner about your longer term plans and protection or accountant about your tax and income.
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Anastasia Cockbain

Anastasia Cockbain

As a mortgage broker with access to multiple lenders and hundreds of products, Anastasia works with clients to match theirgoals and situation to the product that suits them. Her aim is to ensure clients' financial growth, simplifying the process, allowing them to rest assured that their finance application is looked after.

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