As a city girl turned farmer’s wife, Queensland beef producer Brigid Price is proud to call Rural Australia home. She passionately embraces its challenges, relishes its opportunities and celebrates its achievements as a committed member of the agricultural community and as the proud mother of future farmers.

Now, in a bid to ensure this future, Brigid is helping the agricultural industry find its shared voice through an online initiative that’s fast becoming the modern day “bush telegraph” for the nation’s farmers.

Brigid is the creator of Rural Resources Online, a comprehensive website that unites Australian farmers through resources, shared knowledge, expert skills, and the all-important stories of community and spirit encapsulated by life on the land.

Brigid’s personal journey as a primary producer, as a mother of a future farming generation, and her experience bringing Rural Resources Online to life furnish her with a unique and expansive knowledge  of contemporary issues affecting rural Australia.

With a background in personnel and finance management, Ms Price made the shift to rural Australia 20 years ago working, initially working for Primac Elders and then as a hospital and finance manager for Queensland Health.

“I loved the rural ethos and my husband so much, I stayed,” she explains. She joined him on the family farm producing organic beef near Injune.

A self confessed “city chick” joining an established farming family was always going to be an interesting adventure.

The experience of floods, droughts, droving, government regulations, commodity prices, battles with coal seam gas companies and changing consumer expectations are some of the unique issues her life is now consumed with understanding.

Brigid notes, as challenging as the environment is for Australian farmers, there is one amazing ingredient that makes living the bush so special – the people. It is these individuals, their communities and shared knowledge that Brigid is connecting through Rural Resources Online.

Australian farmers are innovators, world class producers and operate under the highest standards of environmental stewardship and animal welfare. They work collaboratively with their neighbours but in the past accessing resources and information to grow their business has been difficult. And this gap is what Brigid is filling with Rural Resources Online.

Rural Resources Online offers primary producers a place to connect, seek advice, and gain access to products and technology, while providing a platform to discuss the real challenges and successes of Australian farming in the 21st century.

“I initially thought my Commerce studies were not going to be much help down the paddock. However, with decades of practical hands-on Industry experience I have been able to develop Rural Resources Online from the inside-out perspective,” says Brigid.

Two years in the making, Rural Resources Online is attracting major interest from producers, rural support services and government bodies alike, who all contribute to make the site a seminal meeting point for Australian agriculture.    

“The online journey has been challenging and interesting but gives me the opportunity to positively contribute to the Agricultural Industry,” Brigid says.

Brigid Price is available to offer her expertise on issues facing the agricultural community and to share her personal insight as an organic beef producer, rural spokesperson, and the founder of Rural Resources Online.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Brigid, please contact:

Linda Reed-Enever at ThoughtSpot PR – [email protected] – 0433 149 319

Brigid Price – 0439 575092

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