Ideas strategist Linda Reed-Enever has done it again with a new ideas deck to assist business owners looking to up their social media ante 

Known as the Inspire Engage Connect – Social Media Inspiration Deck, it takes the form of a card deck which prompts business owners to take easy yet effective social media action.

The deck of cards offers 50 tips that each feature innovative, simple ways to engage with your social media audience.

From utilising existing content to fresh Facebook and Instagram post ideas, the tips are designed to assist business owners build a social media following through regular, engaging content.

Ms Reed-Enever noted social media isn’t hard, but it does need to be consistent and include regular engagement with an audience.

“These tips are designed to be quick and effective, taking only a short time to implement and deploy,” she noted.

“Simply pick a card from the deck and enjoy a tip that allows you to take immediate action.”

The tips draw on Ms Reed-Enever’s expertise in the social media and marketing world and offer businesses a range of shortcuts for creating fresh, engaging content.

Some include tips on simple software to utilise, while others allow business owners to repurpose their existing content.

“The main aim is to make it simple, easy and fun in the knowledge regular engagement with your audience creates a space they are consistently keen to come back to.”

The Inspire Engage Connect – Social Media Inspiration Deck is currently available to purchase at: and offers a great way to speak up your social media for 2021, or the perfect gift for a business owner looking to grow their social media following.


For further information or to arrange an interview, contact:

Linda Reed-Enever
Ph: 0433 149 319

About Linda Reed-Enever

As the founder of Media Connections, Business Business Business and The Enever Group, Linda Reed-Enever has enjoyed a lengthy career working with business owners to help share their story.

She notes marketing and social media strategy was a career which found her and indulges her passion for working with people, networking and uncovering unique opportunities to stand out in the business world.

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