Corporate Comedians are turning events into side-splitting show-stoppers that guests will remember forever. The brainchild of well-known stand-up Aussie comedian, Rob Brown, Corporate Comedians presents an array of top fun guns for hire.

From MCs who keep guests on the edge of their seats to sports commentators and  feature acts that will lay everyone in the aisles, there’s comedy for all events, and all audiences.

Clients can book who they want, when they want for their special event.  This could be for an engagement party. A corporate event. An awards night. An anniversary.  A fundraiser where guests are asked to dig deep into their pockets. Whatever is special, a Corporate Comedian can make it a laugh a minute – and get some deep digging going on.

Not sure who you want for your event? Not a problem. The company can recommend the perfect comedian to tickle your funny bone.

Rob’s been 20 years in the comedy business and has been headlined all over the world.  So he knows more than a thing or two about the funny side of life. And in case you’re wondering, yes, you can book Rob.

Comedians on the Corporate Comedians website have bios and video clips, so potential clients can have a barrel of laughs while they decide.

“Our online booking process is so streamlined and simple that clients can book their preferred comedy act standing on their head, although we don’t recommend that if they’re laughing too much,” said Rob.

Corporate Comedians tailor their services to client needs. For example, a client might want an MC or comic to focus on their specific industry. “Not a problem,” says Rob. “ There’s humour in all industries. It just takes a great Corporate Comedian to bring it to rip-roaring life.”

Corporate Comedians. Our business is a laughing matter.

Contact Details.

Rob Brown is available for interview.
Call Leslie King on 0432 353 149 to arrange an interview or to discuss booking requirements.


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