Global Affiliate Zone or GAZ for short has been a focus of Ethical Direct Selling Group because of seeing so many friends getting into this 90% automated company. We have been very concerned about the claims and have written a release on it (Is GAZ a Scam?).

We have just watched the SBS video on Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ), there is nothing new in it that with our own investigations didn’t pick up except for the amount of money that people have lost.

Words can’t express how disgusted we are that one person lost $13k and doesn’t even regret it he just learnt a lesson and doesn’t regret taking the risk. Another is in debt $10k, 7 months later he hasn’t made his money but he isn’t phased as he is in it for the long haul.

Now this is a big change from the hundreds of social media posts claiming a great lifestyle, earning more than ever before etc.  It to us is all bullshit and phishing it is disgusting and needs to be stopped.

Seeing the #freedomfest crap all over social media makes us mad, chanting in the video about “loving money” everyone loves to make money but not at the detriment of others.  We don’t need to put up phishing posts, we don’t need to lie to people, we don’t need to sell our grandmother to get ahead.

The income question came up and some are making up to $30k a month but most haven’t made their money back yet.  Also to see the leaders of freedom fest not claiming how much they are earning because of compliance is laughable because in their training video they state how much they are earning.  Double standards much??

We were disappointed to see in the video that the sales person didn’t make any money with another MLM, There is money to be made in  the industry for sure. Here is an article: Inside MLM.

GAZ are doing everything wrong and still hooking their teeth into more people, get rich quick doesn’t exist, 90% automated doesn’t exist, faking it until you make it crap.

Our biggest take out is there are more people out there that have lost a lot of money and they are either too embarrassed or just want to forget what happened to them.  We implore you to reach out to Ethical Direct Selling Group or to the Direct Selling Association or A.C.C.C. (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission).

  1. Have you lost money with GAZ? If so connect with us, DSA or ACCC
  2. Are you scared off MLM because of this?
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