Are you fed up with Facebook, ticked off by Twitter, feeling lethargic when it comes to LinkedIn?

This book, co-authored by Jo Saunders and Ailsa Page, is for the confused, overwhelmed or over-excited owners and marketing staff in small business, who are trying desperately to keep up with social media.

This is not a technical social media book. It is all about the strategy and getting back to the basics behind the platform functionality. If you feel you could you be investing time, energy and resources in the wrong platform, or have forgotten or never understood why you are even there, then we challenge you to get good, or consider getting off.

“From the basics of each platform to personal branding and the importance of authenticity, this book is bursting with clarity, motivation and sensible, straight talking advice about social media. ‘Get it and get reading’ – you won’t regret it.” – Mark Williams, ‘Mr LinkedIn’, ETN LinkedIn Training

Order for AU$39 including postage in Australia or get a copy via Amazon in print or for Kindle.

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